10 Things to be Thankful for

Happy thanksgiving


The scent of your grandma’s mashed potatoes & home-made apple pie are wafting through the house.

Your favorite cousin (aka loyal partner-in-crime) just pulled into the driveway. Aunt Ida, who’s cooking inspires a mad rush for the Peptobismol, is telling everyone about the amaaazziing Turducken recipe she found & lucky you, you get to try it!

Turducken, for the uninitiated, is a chicken stuffed in a duck, stuffed in a Turkey. I didn’t know this exists either! But, hey I’m vegetarian, so I get to pass on Aunt Ida’s Turducken.

As the family is hotly debating what to watch on TV: football or a movie, a long-lost uncle cosies up to you, with the warm embrace of a python who’s tightly wound awkward questions knock the air out of you. “So!! Still not married, eh!! You know, your eggs aren’t getting any younger! Aaah, it’s ok, you’re still young, you should play the field!” Adding in a mock whisper, “I wish I played the field before marrying your aunt! Hey, is it true your brother is bringing his new girlfriend for dinner?”. While you’re still reeling from the freight train of obnoxious, your 6-year-old niece busts out a rendition of “Let It Go”. For the 8th time.

Good thing she’s ridiculously adorable, it’s impossible to stay mad at such a cute little thing.

Well folks, it’s officially THANKSGIVING! Okay, the National Lampoon/Home Alone family scenario aside…it’s the time of year to PAUSE AND REFLECT.  What better way to do this than over great food & the company of friends + family?

The past few weeks, we’ve heard of terrible things happen in Paris, Beirut & a few other places in the world. The family adventures that come with Thanksgiving pales in comparison. So as you go around that dinner table today, asking what you’re thankful for, here are:

10 things we can all be grateful for

  1. ADELE

    Her inspiring & healing music. And of course that song: Hello. With all the hilarious parodies.


    You know, worrying about traffic, or what you’re gonna have for dinner, finding parking, the long lines on Black Friday at the mall, upgrading the software on your phone. I’m grateful we don’t have to worry about where we will sleep, how we’ll make sure our children live to see another day. Or worry how many more days we can survive without a meal.



    Laughing over silly things;  sharing & appreciating each other’s quirkiness. Getting to have a witness to your life & in turn be a witness to someone else’s journey is such an awesome thing.



    It’s an amazing thing to build & create your own personal sanctuary. It’s sad to read stories of folks who have lost everything they’ve worked for their whole lives, because of war. It makes you realize what a blessing it is to have a roof on our heads & a place to call your own.


    3 types of pie, stuffed in a cake. Sounds like a serving of heart attack served up with a dollop of diabetes………SIGN US UP!! I have my sweatpants from the Diwali dinner handy….


    Smart phones, Uber, Whatsapp, Google shopping express, Instacart, Instagram, Door Dash, Blue Apron – these amazing innovations of the past 5 years are changing how we live & do things. This microcosm of technology has brought us so much closer & made the world such an interconnected place.


    As much as there are terrible things that happen, the displays of kindness from people all round the world make you believe in humanity.


    They’re the ones that unconditionally love you. These folks have seen you in your diapers, they know all your crazy & love you just the same. They’re especially hilarious when they re-create your selfies.


    We’re all here for a moment in time. Whatever you’re going through now, you’re not alone because, we’re all going through something. What matters most, is how we make each other feel & what we create. So whatever it is you love to do, that makes you happy – go find that Mojo, because it’s such a blessing to be alive!

  10. YOU!

    I’m so thankful for you guys & your support of this blog! I can’t believe it’s almost 3 months, and I can’t wait to find & share more Mojo with you. Happy Thanksgiving, lovelies!


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photo credit: Dad vs. Turkey via photopin (license)

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