10 MindBlowing TV Shows For The Long Weekend


It’s the long weekend, and I’m sure you’ve got something great planned!

Not too many years ago, I was a TV junkie. Which meant long weekends were a time to catch up on shows.

My TV kick was so bad, I had to block off weekends and week nights to catch up on shows. I looked more forward to “spending time” with TV characters over actual family and friends…. and that’s when I came to face the truth: a TV detox was needed!

Unsubscribing my cable, I hauled myself outdoors, spent more time with friends, exercised, played the piano, in an effort to kick the TV habit. Happy to say it worked!

However, at the end of a looooonng day….. TV is a great way to unwind. What makes for good TV is the storytelling. Aren’t we all breathing, living and writing our own life stories each day? A good story packs a lot of Mojo. Especially over a 3 day weekend.

Here are 10 KICK ASS TV shows that pass the Mojo Test.


  1. Narcos (Netflix)


    Action, thrill & espionage meet parallel plot lines on this true-life story, about Columbian drug Lord, Pablo Escobar & the American DEA cops trying to catch him. It’s astounding to see the rise of Pablo and the scale to which he evaded the law, including making an entire supreme court disappear.

    MOJO-MOMENT: “The purpose of war is peace”

  2. Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Netflix)

    jessica jones

    Jessica Jones is the ultimate anti-hero: A deeply flawed, wounded & strong character, with a helluva backstory. Also, when the bad guy has a name like “Killgrave” – the show is destined for greatness.

    MOJO-MOMENT: “Would you put day drinking under experience or special abilities?”

  3. House of Cards (Netflix)
    House of Cards


    This show needs no intro, safe to say we’re all rooting for the fall of Frank Underwood at this point. How much evil can one person get away with?

    MOJO-MOMENT: “Of all the things I hold in high regard, rules are not one of them.”

  4. Last week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

    John oliver


    It’s kinda impossible to not like John Oliver. He’s observant, witty, never holds back a punch. Throughout his exasperation on politics and random occurrences around the world, you can tell how much he cares about the one he lives in, and wants to make sure, you do too.

    MOJO-MOMENT: On Pumpkin Spice Lattes: “Yes, it’s that special time of year where we voluntarily imbibe pumpkin spice lattes, the coffee that tastes like a candle.”

  5. The Walking Dead (AMC, Netflix)

    the walking dead

    One of my favorite shows!! It’s not just a show about a zombie apocalypse, it’s about what it does to the people who survive it. The characters are so complex and wonderful: they’ve morphed from being the “good guy” to the “bad guy” and vice versa, each of them finding out who they are in the face of death. Along with them, we discover what it means to truly live and be alive. It also makes you wonder who the real zombies are: the “undead” or the ones who are alive and have to deal with it all. #deep

    MOJO-MOMENT: “There is no right; there’s just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.”

  6. Naked and Afraid (Discovery)


    2 survivalists: a man and a woman are ranked on their survival level, dropped in the recesses of wilderness. They have to brave the elements while fending for food & shelter….and they’re naked. It’s exactly as hilarious and entertaining as it sounds!

    MOJO-MOMENT: “I have nail polish and toe polish on, because I wanna survive pretty.” #yougogirl

  7. Chopped (Food Network)



    Contestants compete to turn mystery baskets of food into imaginative gourmet meals. Sometimes, the chefs open the baskets to much dismay – they learn what some foods are for the very first time. But still whip up a delicious frenzy…in 1 hour, while hoping they don’t get “chopped” from the competition. Watching this show inspires you to cook up a creative concoction, stat!

    MOJO-MOMENT: “Watermelon, Ketchup & yogurt?? What were you thinking?? This is…DELICIOUS!”

  8. This is Life by Lisa Ling (CNN, Netflix)

    this is life


    Investigative, documentary-style stories of people from all corners of America. It’s an exploration of people grappling with issues like drug abuse in Utah’s Mormon community, a gay rodeo in Texas, controversial healing herbs from Southern America that help soldiers with PTSD…it’s a fascinating insight into extraordinary lives, that so many of us “ordinary” Americans lead.

    MOJO-MOMENT: “I know I chose this life, I know I need to stop. But I can’t.”

  9. Silicon Valley (HBO)

    Silicon Valley

    In the world of venture capital, start ups and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, there are a lot of things that are over-the-top, pretentious and downright hilarious. This show calls it out, while honoring the spirit of “disruption” and “innovation” (Silicon valley favorite words). You can’t help but love Erlick Bachman, Jared, Gilfoyle & Dinesh…and root for Richard & Monica to get together already! #monard #richnica

    MOJO-MOMENT: “Your muffins smell like sh**, so do your ideas.”

  10. Game of Thrones (HBO)

    game of thrones

    7 kingdoms duke it out in an epic battle of brawn and brain to rule the Iron Throne. It’s easy to lose track of the million characters on the show…just don’t get attached to them! (they have a knack of getting killed..). The plot twists, turns and kick-ass characters, who keep growing and shocking us, keep you hooked. Oh and also, there’s dragons. Need I say more??

    MOJO-MOMENT: “History is a wheel, for the nature of man is fundamentally unchanging.”

What are your favorite shows?

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Anonymous May 27, 2016 at 9:25 PM

Jessica Jones is awesome…John Olivervis even more awesome! 🙂

Jyo May 28, 2016 at 9:08 AM

Isn’t it the best?! I can’t wait for Jessica Jones season 2!


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