20 Things That Are Insane at Day 80 Of The 100 Day Challenge

Stop & Stare


Holy smokes, it’s been 80 days doing the 100 Day Challenge! 

Only 20 days left for the race!!

As you saw from the comic illustration by Chemical Pancake, training has been butt whooping. Yikes, I almost said ‘butt whipping’…..that would have been a different kind of post. Stupid english as a second language, always getting in the way.

In honor of the last 20 days  –  here’s a list of Top 10 butt kicking & Top 10 awesome discoveries throughout this crazy 100 day challenge. There had better be some MoJyo at the end of this….  



1. Waking up at 6:00 AM on Saturdays
Bye, bye sleeping in!


GIF No sleeping in


2. Not staying up too late on Friday nights
Let’s go lady, your place is tucked in bed at home now, if you want to make that early AM run.

GIF Breaks my heart, but gotta do this


3. Running at least 2-3 times a week
No matter what kind of day you had or how late you get back.

GIF Why you do this to me?


4. Boredom with the same trail and the SAME MUSIC.
You can only listen to ‘Hey Mama’ so many times. I’ve come to the enlightened realization that yes, Nicki Minaj is a talented rapper, but dear god, this is not music. Make.It.Stop.

GIF Please Stop


5. Blisters.
Turns out “cotton is rotten”. If you’re running long distance, cotton socks are disastrous, it’s worth investing in synthetic socks, like Dry-Maxx – no more blisters. This is probably TMI & maybe you didn’t need that visual.

GIF This is TMI


6. Chafing.
Turns out ‘Body Glide’ is a must for runners. It looks like a deodarant stick – you glide it on your feet & on your person and it prevents chafing & skin burn. Just don’t borrow any from this dude.

GIF Super creepy guy


7. Learning to run with a water bottle. And not look like a dork.

What I Think I Look Like When I’m Running  

GIF Wonderwoman

What I Actually Look Like When I’m Running 
GIF Some of us....have issues


8. Figuring out ‘pacing’.
Not burning through energy reserves at the start of the race. Learning what ‘pace’ to maintain during different points of the race. I still don’t have this on lock down…dear lawd, are there only 20 days left?!? DONT PANIC OR ANYTHING!!

GIF Don't Panic


9. Losing my car keys the day I ran my first-ever 10 miles.
I had to walk back on the trail post run to find it. Walking at the end of a long run is like….crossing a big mountain and realizing you’re at the base of another big mountain. Fantastic. I got super excited when I thought I found my keys….& it turned out to be HORSE POOP. I was pretty traumatized. And refused to walk that whole weekend. Or look at dark brown things. shudder

GIF Don't remind me


10. Running uphill
Mordor from Lord of the Rings. Enough said.

GIF Mordor


1. NOT cutting out carbs.

2. The discipline of Showing Up.
Getting there is the hardest part, but you feel baller after.  

GIF Show Up all fancy

3. Being able to button my jeans without holding my breath.
And doing fewer yoga poses to fit into them.


4. Eating delicious gummy energy chews halfway through run.
And Nutella. For you know, “nutrition strategy”

GIF Don't hold back


5. Pigging out post-run.
Do.Not.Hold.Back. And you’ll be so happy.

GIF Yaaasss!


6. Discovering new music.
Move over, Nicki Minaj! Hello, Indie Rock & dub-step!

GIF Dance Like Beyonce


7. Discovering beautiful new scenery
Once I stopped complaining.


8. New friendships with team members.
Look Ma, I got friends!

GIF Look Ma, I got Friends!


9. Finding increased mental focus & concentration
On the day following a butt kicking run.

GIF Bring it on


10. Clarity & a chance to get away from the daily noise of life.
You can have life humming at you with a million different thoughts – worrying you, eating you, buzzing at you. But when you’re on the trail – it’s just you & the road ahead. Nothing else matters.

GIF Calm and focus


I would be remiss if I didn’t add the below….

11. Fund-raising $2,600 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.
Thanks to all your support. Getting to hear first-hand how these funds are being used by Researchers from Stanford University to help cancer patients today is so humbling and promising.


12. Encouragement from loved ones.
So when it burns, hurts, and when I feel I can’t go on anymore, I think of family & friends counting on me. Hugging me and telling me that they’re proud of me. I melt at the thought & then become Steel – I can’t stop now. I can’t quit now. I can’t give up. Because I can’t let you down. I can’t let me down. Is this Mojo? Dunno, let’s find out!

Only 20 days left. Let’s go find that MOJO!!


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Navdha October 4, 2015 at 6:08 PM

I can feel you talking thru this blog …. Your awesome JyoD…and totally inspiring me to get back in shape after my LO’s arrival *hugs*

Jyo October 5, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Thanks so much Navdha for the kind words!! Yes, you can totally do it! Besides you look amazing & have a big life change to adjust to, cheers to being a Super Mom! 😀


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