35 Days into the 100 Day Challenge – PART 1


It’s just over a month since I signed up for this crazy idea. You know, the “oh yea I should run a half marathon to find my MoJyo” tomfoolery.

I knew it would be hard and 1/3 into this journey, it feels like I’ve just scratched the surface! I need a hug.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan, stop being distracting & irresistible!


True to form, do I have a story for you 🙂 It’s a long one. Which is why there are two parts. You should probably get some popcorn. Go ahead, I’ll be here. Ready? Ok. Here’s the skinny on MoJyo status, 35 days into the 100 Day Challenge – Part 1.



After signing up for the race, I had the genius thought of self-training. We’re talking the same genius level as Albert Einstein when he discovered the theory of relativity. Ie, a Nobel prize worthy, quality brain fart. Or so I thought.

I started by stretching on the trail like a Pro. I threw around smug looks to families on evening strolls, folks walking their dogs and 8 year olds on their training bikes. I was gonna own this trail! As I basked in my smug revelry, I saw an Athletic Gift-To-The-Planet Sprinter whiz right past me. I didn’t let it faze me, I just threw him an even dirtier look. I was gonna show him! I started my run, the standard 3 miles, aiming to run an extra mile.

At the end of mile 3, I was winded. I was heaving like a bus in need of repair, the Athletic Gift-To-The-Planet Sprinter jetted past me again, like a cool Aston-Martin One-77. Did you know it can go up to 220 mph? Me neither, Thanks, Google.

Dang, major motivation was in order! I pushed myself to do an extra half mile and felt jubilant. I did it, I did it!! Now for the other half mile…. And that’s when I crashed completely. My legs gave out and cringe worthy cramping overwhelmed me. Just then, Athletic Gift-To-The-Planet rocketed past me AGAIN in the opposite direction. I kid you not, I was literally left in the dust. HOW MANY LOOPS was this supernatural being doing?? 3.5 miles with Nicki Minaj’s ‘Hey Mama’ was my limit. That was nothing to go Hey Mama-ing about 🙁

One week of this and I quickly realized, I needed help. Professional help. Coincidentally, that’s exactly what teachers said to my parents at Parent Teacher conferences.

“How’s our daughter doing in school?”
“Have you thought about professional help?”

It hurts inside

Not Cool.



What’s a Mojo seeker to do? Call in the Pros, of course 🙂 A few hours of research later, I signed up with Team In Training (TNT) in partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. I heard that in addition to offering a structured training program, clinics on nutrition & hydration, folks made friendships of a lifetime with the team. The referrals were glowing and influenced my decision. But what really appealed to me, was that I could channel running towards a meaningful cause – Leukemia & Lymphoma cure. Thinking about loved ones I lost to Cancer, I realized this was an opportunity to make a difference and give back in whatever way I could.

My theory is that Mojo multiplies when shared. How did I fare on Training & did it get me close to finding my Running Mojo?

Stay tuned for Part 2 – 35 Days of the 100 Day Challenge. Coming soon.
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photo credit: Can’t Go Downstairs By Myself via photopin

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