5 tips to keep you in top shape when traveling

Without a doubt, traveling around the world is an amazing opportunity. Whether you can get away for a weekend or much longer, there are plenty of locations around the world ready to tempt you. In addition to all the great things you can see and do, traveling also offers the chance to indulge in some of world’s best food.

As such, it’s easy to lose sight of a normal healthy lifestyle. Your thoughts tend to be preoccupied with making the most of traveling. However, with some simple tips, you can stay in shape without missing out. Check out our suggestions:

Take your workout with you

You don’t need a gym packed full of equipment to exercise. You can burn calories anywhere. It’s especially easy now with the number of videos available online. You could follow one of the Body Coach’s hotel-based workout routines, or relax with some yoga practice. Wherever you are, as long as you have a tablet or smartphone, you’ll be able to do a decent work out.

Indulge carefully

Of course you’re going to want to try some local treats, but it’s all about moderation. Keep an eye on the portion sizes you’re being served, and be careful about snacking. To ensure you have a balanced diet, you could stay in self-catering accommodation and prepare some of your own dishes. This means if the local delicacies you’d like to try are particularly calorific, you can redeem yourself with a healthier option at home.

Watch your alcohol intake

I’ll have the Pinot Noir instead, please

You’re on holiday. You’ll want to enjoy yourself with a few drinks. But with 90% of travellers admitting to gaining weight on holiday – and four in ten blaming alcohol for piling on the pounds – it’s worth thinking about what you’re drinking too. After all, it could undo the great work you’re doing by making healthy food choices and staying active.

Some lower calorie alcohol beverages to try include bloody Marys, vodka seltzers, and pinot noir.

Try out some adventure activities

Hiking in Hooker Valley, Mt. Cook National Park

Step outside your comfort zone and try a new activity whilst you’re travelling – one that you don’t necessarily associate with burning calories. After all, exercise is much more enjoyable when you don’t realise you’re doing it. Great suggestions include horse-riding, white water rafting, canoeing and hiking. What you’ll be able to do depends on your location, but research ahead to find unique opportunities to try something new.

Ditch the wheels

Walking around Nob Hill, San Francisco

It’s tempting to rely on taxis or public transport while travelling, especially if your time is limited. But you can get around a lot by foot, particularly in cities. And it doesn’t just benefit your waistline. You’ll appreciate your surroundings in a different way than speeding past in a car. You can look around and stop as you please. Who knows, you might end up finding your favourite park or coffee spot this way.

How do you stay in shape while you’re traveling? Share your tips and suggestions with us below.

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