6 Reasons You Must See Coldplay Live in Concert

W hen you think of the most influential & iconic rock bands of the last 15 years, a lot of names come to mind – U2, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Green Day, Maroon 5. But the most underrated & hard-not-to-love band of this bunch, is Coldplay.

It’s a challenge to bucket their musical style – it’s rock, but not hard rock; it’s got faint hints of blues, but is more romantic.

You can’t put a label on them; their sound is unique, soulful, healing & fills you up. Why I love Coldplay is they don’t pretend to be one the world’s biggest rock bands (which they now are), and to this day, they stand by the integrity of their music. They’ve refused to let companies like Gap, Diet Coke & Gatorade use their songs for product endorsements. Lead singer Chris Martin reasoned: “Oh! We wouldn’t be able to live with ourselves if we sold the song’s meaning like that.” They care about making great, meaningful, moving music, experimenting with new sounds & edge, dare to be different & just be themselves. If that isn’t Mojo, I don’t know what is 🙂

I got first hand validation of this, when I saw Coldplay live in San Francisco last weekend.

Here’s 6 reasons why you must see Coldplay Live:

  1.  You get to see a rainbow of pulsating colors across the dark sea of people

    As you enter the stadium, you’re given a wristband, which is programmed to go off in specific colors & pulsate over the show. You get to see mesmerizing, cool effects like this…

  2. Singing & jamming along with Chris Martin, to all their greatest hits:  “Yellow”, “The Scientist”,“Paradise”, “Livin La Vida” to the more recent “Adventure of a Lifetime”, “Hymn for the weekend”. Serenading with a crowd of 70,000 to the unforgettable “Fix You”

  3. Fireworks! & burst of colors!

    The show opens & closes with an awesome display.


  4. Tributes to Visionaries & Inspiring People

    There’s a beautiful video tribute with Muhammad Ali, talking about the equality of all people & how love transcends all. Chris Martin also paid homage to Gene Wilder, with lines from the original “Charlie & the Chocolate factory”, where Gene played Willy Wonka.


  5. Watching a 70,000 people filled stadium turn into an intimate performance

    One point in the show, the band performed away from the stage, at a corner of the stadium, just so fans sitting far away could see them up close. The result was intimate, cosy banter, with Chris letting in fans on secrets like the crush who rejected him and chose to be with his best friend, inspiring the song, “In my place”.

    They.Slayed. #coldplaysanfrancisco #coldplay #music #concert #september #coldplaylive #sanfrancisco #bayarea

    They.Slayed. #coldplaysanfrancisco #coldplay #music #concert #september #coldplaylive #sanfrancisco #bayarea

  6. Local choir groups & orchestra singing uplifting messages.

    The Oakland School of Arts’ choir group was on stage, belting out rising crescendos & melodies of “Livin La Vida” & “Up & Up” at the show’s end. As the fireworks erupted over the lyrics “we’re gonna get it, get it together somehow/ we gonna make it, make it together somehow/up & up & up”, Coldplay left the stage with these words: “No matter what you’re doing, no matter your journey, never give up, believe in love.”

    How do you not get moved? Thank you Coldplay, for that amazing, brilliant show, it meant more than you know to some of us.  #nevergiveup #believeinlove

    Check out more videos from the concert here.

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