8 interesting ways to switch up your Thanksgiving weekend

1more day to Thanksgiving!

It’s the time of year to slow down, reflect & get some much needed down time with the familia over a not-so-lucky Turkey.

But what if, this year you don’t have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in the works? Maybe you aren’t able to fly out & see the family. Maybe you’re not feeling up to waxing politics with relatives you’ve only seen twice in the year. Or maybe you’re vegetarian/vegan and don’t want to answer questions on “but what will you eat?” or “how do you get your protein?”. Maybe you don’t want your parents or relatives reminding you, you’re not getting younger, when is the boyfriend/girlfriend/marriage/kids thing happening? Hey, whatever your reason, I get you. It never hurts to switch things up.

Here are 5 alternative ideas to a Traditional Thanksgiving fest:

  1. If for whatever reason, you can’t hang with the family….
    What To Do Instead: Friendsgiving dinner

    Go on, make new memories with your crew, fellow partner in crime-ers.
    Here are a cheat sheet for an awesome Thanksgiving drinking game.

  2. If you’re vegetarian or vegan (and can’t have Turkey)…
    What To Eat Instead: Oh the choices!!

    Might we recommend this Roasted Stuffed Poblano with Basil Cashew Crema? Or this Butternut Squash Risotto? Or this Moroccan Lentil Soup? These are just as fancy pants as a Turkey, and ridiculously savory, buttery, delicious & filling. I’m giving thanks for these, alright.

  3. If you’re bored of the football game & Thanksgiving Parade on TV…
    What To Do Instead: Marathon TV & movie watching session

    TV watching
    Flannel jammies. Thick, fuzzy socks. Toasty fireplace. Warm cup of hot chocolate. Blanket. Your couch. Snuggie optional. You get whatimsayin’?? There’s no better time of year to to chill & binge watch movies/TV shows. Here are 10 Mindblowing TV shows for a head start.

  4. If you want to avoid Black Friday….
    What To Do Instead: Go for a Hike

    Here’s shopping on Black Friday…. black fridayOR this….


    Did you know entrance to the National parks is free on Black Friday?? So if you aren’t feeling up to walking like a zombie in a mall and mindlessly filling your shopping cart… get outdoors! I’d take a Snowboarding/Skiing trip over Black Friday any day.

  5. If you want to avoid Pies…. (this one I can’t relate, okay?!)
    What To Do Instead: Pineapple Upside Down Cake & Chocolate cake, anyone?

    pineapple upside down cake
    It is hard to resist Pumpkin pies, Apple pies & Pecan pies.. I will shamelessly crash Thanksgiving dinners just for this! But if you’re itching for alternates, might I interest you in some Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Molten Lava Chocolate Cake? Ain’t never a bad time of year for these babies. Come to Mama….

  6. If you don’t want to stay local
    What To Do Instead: Travel!

    Flights are super cheap this time of year, even international flight deals are great this time of year. And it’s skiing/snowboarding season! So hello, mountains.

  7. If you’re tired of social media….
    What To Do Instead: Cozy up with a book

    With everything that’s happened the past few months, you’d be hard pressed to come across some good news in social media. Take a break from the negativity & recharge  your batteries with a good book. Here are some recommendations. We just wrapped up reading “The Book Thief“, an incredibly poignant & beautiful read.

  8. If you’re longing to see a familiar face…
    What To Do Instead: Call up & catch up with your old friends

    best friends
    Call you bestie from high school or college. The best thing about these kind of relationships is, even if it’s been ages since you’ve talked, you can pick up right where you left off.

    Whatever you end up doing, there’s so much to be grateful for! Here’s to the gift of life & all the wonderful people in it, who help us find Mojo everyday.

    Happy Thanksgiving, gang!

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