98 Days Into 100 Day Challenge | Nike Women’s Half Marathon



This is it. 98 days of hard work, training, preparation all leading up to this moment: Race Day. 

It’s this weekend & I’m a bundle of nerves. But I know I’ve given it my best & done everything I could have done to get myself ready. I’m scared. But excited all the same. Part of me is even sad, what am I going to do after this??

Can’t think about all that though, what matters is the HERE AND NOW.

And RIGHT NOW, I am 2 days away from the Race.

2-3 weeks ago, I ran the most I had ever run – 12 miles. Say what?

You so crazy!

Girl, you cray-cray

Yea. Crazy sounds right. It felt amazing in parts, downright killer in other parts & my stomach has been in rebellion ever since. I spent the last 10 days curled up in bed most evenings, because I was so sick. Apparently I was struck by “Runner’s Stomach” – your internal organs aren’t used to bouncing along with you on long runs & as a result, my stomach decided to spasm every time I ate. It lasted for 2 weeks.

But this week was different – I got myself the help I needed and very cautiously got back to running. The last 2-3 weeks before the Race, you’re supposed to “taper”, i.e., wind down intensity & distance, giving your body time to recover & recoup, so you can give it your all on Race Day. I think… I hope, I’m ready. Fingers crossed.

With 2 days left & while “tapering”, I wanted to take a moment & acknowledge this:

Training for this half-marathon has been the greatest physical challenge my chubby butt has ever attempted.  At times, it’s been a royal pain but, it’s also been the greatest opportunity & privilege to learn from, be inspired by, and train with Cancer survivors, multiple marathoners & athletes. Will I finally find my Mojo? The thing that connects us to our Inner Shine. That makes us happy. That pushes us, fuels us, makes us reach farther than we think we can, and makes life worth living. I keep coming back to the same question in my mind…

Will I find my MoJyo?

2 more days to find out. Wish me luck!

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