5 Reasons You Must See Adele Live in Concert

L et’s just get this out of the way: Adele is a GODDESS. Girlfriend is a QUEEN.

PS – I’m an Adele Super Fan Girl. You know, in case it wasn’t obvious or something… 🙂

I’ve loved her music ever since “Chasing Pavements” came out from her début album ’19’. Oh my goossshh I could go on about her haunting melodies, perfect lyrics, searing vocals or heart wrenching rendition. Or that she is a true original in today’s music scene, not a frou-frou, watered down artist with auto tuning (I’m looking at you, Drake..). Adele is a classic for the ages – along the likes of Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston & Prince. A true musical genius & talent powerhouse.

Some artists sound better on the radio & others are better as performers. Then there’s the rare breed who sounds just as electrifying in person & is as unforgettable live as you’d expect them to be. Adele is that rare breed with MUCHO MOJO, for this reason, I want to show you why you must see Adele Live in Concert.


REASON 1: You get goosebumps of epic status when she opens the show to…what else, “Hello”

In case you’re wondering why this song is a big deal, check out this assessment of 10 Things That Happen When You Hear Adele’s “Hello


REASON 2: You’ll be laughing your head off, ‘cuz girlfriend is hilarious!

She’s a gabby gabster who jokes about her songs being “miserable…and I added the guitar to it, cuz it wasn’t miserable enough.” She told us concert goers how her credit card was declined at H&M and she was mortified. And how she is addicted to Bed Bath & Beyond. And that she can no longer make a phone call and say “Hello”, because her friends go, “Is this a joke? Am I supposed to sing back your lyrics to you?”. I’ve become an even bigger Adele fan after this show.


Adele Concert

REASON 3: There is a live orchestra! Check out this acoustic set!


REASON 4: The confetti at the end of the show is printed with her lyrics


Adele Concert


REASON 5: Worth every bit for moments like these





What concerts have left you mind blown?

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