Beat It! With Mad Skillz

This masterful cover of “Beat It” is sure to get your Mojo groove going!

It’s an incredible solo and the dude makes it look effortless. Fair warning though, you might be seized by a sudden urge to play the acoustic guitar.

Miguel on the cover inspiration:

“I decided to start working on this arrangement because it was a great challenge. When you listen to the chorus of the original song, you can hear the main riff (recorded by Steve Lukather) sounding together with Michael’s vocal melody and, of course, drums, bass and other instruments.

My objective was to play all the parts together: the main riff, the vocal melody and the percussion part. I had to find the proper tuning and make good use of the harmonics but in the end I got it. The tapping part is to remark on the great solo that Eddie Van Halen recorded for this song.”

Clearly, Miguel found his Mojo with this song. And he just might have inspired us to moonwalk to ours!

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