Hi, I’m Jyo & Welcome to Find My MoJyo!

This blog is dedicated to inspire you to live your best life. It’s a call to find your inspiration, through global vegetarian food, travel & adventure.

Mojo, to me is your Inner Shine. It’s what moves you, wakes you up and leaves you charged as you go through the day. It picks you up in inelegant circumstances and makes you want to be a better person. Finding your Mojo means, connecting with yourself and shining, through the discovery of things that make you feel like this:

Things that light my Mojo are:

Sharing great food with my friends & family

Food has a way of bringing people together & spurring great memories.  World Vegetarian Food is a showcase for tried + tested, delectable finds to get your Mojo rolling. Yes food has me feeling all kinds of things. All recipes are vegetarian & have been featured on Food Gawker, Yumgoggle, Finding Vegan, Dishfolio & Healthy Aperture.


I grew up in 5 different countries & have traveled to 22. It’s such a big, beautiful world out there! Explore tips, guides, stories & itineraries to find Mojo through different cultures & countries in Destinations. As seen on Treaded Travel. Recently named a top 17 Instagram account to follow in 2017, by The Wanderer’s Chronicles.

Finding Inspiration

Music, photography & laughing over the silly stuff are where I find inspiration. Check out concerts, fun stories.

I recently took up photography & can’t get enough of it, see my portfolio.

Sharing Adventures

What happens if you give yourself 100 days to try something new? 100 days of giving something that piques you – your time, attention & your all? I started 100 day challenges as a way to broaden my horizons & embrace a healthier lifestyle. The one I’m most proud about, is the Nike SF Half Marathon..MY FIRST EVER MARATHON!! Before this, I hated running & refused to break it off with Nutella (my first love). 100 days later, I can happily call myself a half-marathoner! Read about the journey here.


Too often, we get caught up in the daily rat race & acting out our invisible scripted parts to a routine play. We all have an Inner Shine – passion, talents, hobbies, call it what you may – that ground us, connect us and make us content the way a few things do. Some of us have yet to discover these gifts, that give us such happiness & fulfillment.

For a few of us, these might be lost hobbies from childhood. For others, it might be things attempted once or twice that have now become a lifelong passion. Or maybe you’re like this person, your whole life has been preparing you for this moment: becoming a world-class speed-eating champion at the International Hot Dog eating contest. (really!)

SUPER ENTHUSIASTIC MOJO FINDER HERE…..& his training secret…industrial sized Antacid…

Just look at the intensity & fierce determination on the dude’s face while scarfing down ‘dem wieners. Imagine the grueling hours of training & sheer athleticism. The countless hours of acidity & heartburn, and the will to push through. Not that you need to get acidity or heartburn… my point is… there is a certain commitment & focus that comes with finding your Inner Shine. It nourishes you, it makes you never give up. That’s what happens when you’ve found your Mojo. IT MAKES YOU LIVE WITH MEANING & PURPOSE.

This is what Food & Travel do for me, and I’m on a mission to find & share this Mojo with you to inspire your own adventures!

As I share my journey here, I want to hear your stories of things you’re trying & doing to discover your Mojo. Let’s eat, travel, adventure on & make it happen.

Let’s go find that Mojo.


Nutella Worshipper. Dad-Jokes aficionado. Never passes up the chance to embarrass self on the dance floor (never!). Absolute sucker for puppies & baby elephants.


photo credit: Weird Look Paul via photopin (license)
photo credit: Joy via photopin (license)
photo credit: Rio smiling via photopin (license)

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Roo August 14, 2015 at 1:39 AM

Love this blog!!! Not a big runner and I hope to start running soon.
I absolutely love avacado on toast. I add a few lines of Maggi chili sauce on the top and it’s heavenly:)

Jyo August 16, 2015 at 11:15 PM

Thanks Roo! So glad you like it 😀 I was never a big runner either, but the training in baby steps is helping hugely. The views are another bonus I’ve discovered: both the beautiful outdoor views + eye candies running on the trail 😉 Hello, Motivation! You got this and you can do it!

So happy you liked the Avocado toast, I should give it a try with that sauce!

Anonymous May 8, 2018 at 5:11 AM

Really loved the pics of Hobbiton….You might find this link interesting!


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