It’s been several months in the planning now….and the day is finally here, I’m en route to Norway!!

Why Norway? I could get all sassy on you and go Why Not Norway, honey? But it’s 6:30 AM; it’s already been an adventure to get here, I’m too jet lagged & brain-fried to be articulate….why don’t I show you vs. tell you why Norway is worthy of  every bit of wanderlust.

  1. It’s home to Fjords – some of the most dramatic landscapes & scenery in the world. This is Pulpit Rock, from Lysefjord.

Pulpit Rock, Lysefjord Norway


  1. It’s one the premier places in the world to see the Northern Lights, aka Aurora Borealis. To watch Orcas (yes, they migrate here during February)  under the canopy of these ethereal lights, I imagine would be breathtaking. Now, I’m here in June, and am far South, so doubt I will see any of it this time around, but I’m making the case for Why Not Norway, remember??

Aurora Borealis, Norway

  1. It’s every nature & outdoor traveler/hiker/biker and adventure thrill seeker’s paradise. You can go as low-key as you want or as extreme as you wish with activities. Whether you choose to do a fjord cruise, or rock climb, bungee jump by a waterfall (yes, that’s a Norway thing!) or even simply walk, Norway won’t disappoint. Look at what you’d stumble on!

Lakeside at Norway

So see, Why Not Norway?! It’s stunning and I can’t wait to explore it for some Norwegian Mojo!

(Totally unrelated side-note, one of my favorite authors, Roald Dahl is Norwegian. That’s right, the creator of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, BFG and Matilda is from Oslo. Basically I’m saying I hope I find a chocolate factory with oompa loompas here…)

I’ll be sharing Norway Mojo stories here, and on our Facebook & Twitter feed, so check it out for real-time updates!

For now, I desperately need some coffee before any of this Mojo business…..

Peace out!



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