Amazing Harry Potter Tribute got us Muggles in a tizzy!


Holy Quidditch!! This is pretty amazing!

This video from the Indian Jam Project is making viral rounds, with good reason. The inventive band released a spell binding version of the Harry Potter score  – with Indian Classical Instruments.

I had to look up some of these instruments before writing this (even though I’m of Indian origin). ‘Cuz saying “stringy harp-like thing but not really a harp” and “violin like thingy but you play it with spoon thingamajigs” doesn’t exactly sound professional now, does it.

So here are the names of the instruments:

  • Santoor – Indian version of a Dulcimer. I had to look up what the heck a Dulcimer is & was half expecting to see “Western version of a Santoor” in the search results.
  • Sarangi – aka Transformers version of a violin. Seriously, look at this thing, it’s like a violin on steroids, it’s fantastic!
    Transformers Violin

    I like to have protein shakes & workout!

  • Tabla – Indian drums
  • Bamboo flute
  • Violin & Piano

The resulting rendition is so beautiful & moving, it will bring on the feels faster than you can say Expelliarmus! (Okay, I’ll lay off the Harry Potter references already… But if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know this is close to impossible.)

Check out Piano Spidey hands at 2:38. #lifegoals.

Piano Spiderman

Piano Spiderman

Here’s what I sound like, when I try to be Piano Spidey Hands:

Jyo wants to play piano

Where’s the piano? Did you hide it again? What do you mean have I been drinking again?! Where’s Platform 9 3/4??

That’s right. I sound like drunk Santa. Because I’m not Piano Spidey Hands and it makes me sad. Sigh. In contrast, these wickedly talented musicians got Mojo, ‘cuz the Magic is working on us.

Dumbledore would be so proud. Happy listening!


photo credit: Maybe I’ll BBQ an Elf via photopin (license)
photo credit: Sarangi (musée d’art asiatique de Dahlem, Berlin) via photopin (license)

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