Powerful Indian mashup of “All of Me” is stunning


Cause all of me.
Loves All of you. 
All your curves and all your edges. 
All your perfect imperfections.
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you.
You’re my end and my beginning.
Even when I lose I’m winning. 
‘Cuz I give you all of me. 
And you give me all of you.

It’s impossible not be moved by these lyrics & beautiful melody of John Legend’s “All of Me”.

Unless… you’re a robot….. Or a zombie…. Or a Terminator machine from the future….

If you happen to be any of the above three things, umm…what are you doing reading this post?! (Maybe you’re looking for your AI Mojo?) And if you’re a Terminator machine from the future, well, remember Arnold in Terminator 2?? He had feelings, man, he had feelings!! I think he would have melted over this song too. Speaking of which…didn’t that kinda happen to him at the end of the movie…..




Hope I didn’t ruin the movie for you… 😛

Back to the song…Now take this amazing melody from “All of Me” & mash it up with an equally drawing Bollywood song “Main Hoon Hero Tera” – “I’ll be your hero” and you’ve got one unforgettable & cool mashup, thanks to one Vidya Vox. (check out the video above!)

A vocalist in the Shankar Tucker Band, Vidya says she “can’t live without her headphones and iTablapro app”. Damn! I don’t know what this app is, but Tabla on the go sounds amazing! Excuse me, while I go download this now….

Suffice to say Vidya found her Mojo with singing. What I love about this mashup is, she captures the essence of both songs: FALLING IN LOVE. Declaring & embracing it, in all its vulnerabilities, imperfections and glory. On what it’s like to finally find that one amazing, special person for whom you’ll go the distance; who’s happiness & joy become the source of your happiness & joy.

And that makes for one haunting song.


Here’s the original Bollywood/Hindi song (super cheesy video, the song is the pretty awesome though)


The original John Legend song:

Happy Mash-Up Mojo, folks!


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