Powerful Jungle Book Visual Performance Like No Other | A Piano Guys Mash Up


It’s summer movies kick off season!

There’ve been some great movies this year: The Revenant (Leo, you finally found your Oscar Mojo) and can I get a holla for DEADPOOL please!! My potty mouthed self thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Deadpool’s potty mouthed glory & perfectly timed snippy sarcasm. Brilliant writing. But you know what other movie surpassed my movie-goer expectation: Jungle Book.

A heartwarming story, it’s one that gradually blossomed on screen, over stunning visuals (shot as CGI animation in downtown LA). Oh, did I mention BILL MURRAY is in it?? It was destined for coolness status with that casting choice! #teambaloo

The remake didn’t lose the things that made the Jungle Book a classic: from its range of characters to the music. One might say, it kept with the….* wait for it *…… bare necessities! #puntastic

When you have a movie this cool, there’s only one thing cooler, and that’s the fan art. Enter The Piano Guys.

They’re a freaking cool, amazing quartet that doles out perfect melanges of classical and contemporary music, against breathtaking backdrops. (I’m feeling a little flowery with my wording today :P. I promise I haven’t been drinking and it’s not the alcohol talking….even though it’s probably 5 PM somewhere and maybe I should support the cause.). ANYHOO, check out this mind blowing composition – both visual & audio by the Piano Guys…is it off the hook or what??!

Here’s why I’m feeling it & I suspect you will too:

Seven wonders of the world

It opens with the list of the 7 wonders of the world….with check marks against it!!! WHOA!!! Is someone planning to shoot music videos at exotic locations doing exotic poses while featuring exotic (& possibly endangered) animals? Can I sign up as an intern? I don’t mind being on call as the water girl or coffee-assistant on this location.

The Opening Sequence gets you pumped! This is a “Sarabande + Jungle Book” mash up. I had to google what the heck is a Sarabande – Turns out it’s a “dance song in triple metre.” I still have no clue what that means since I’m not musically trained. But it makes me wanna shake my booty. And I’m booty-shaking trained, alright?!

Don't mind me, I'm just floating in the river

Don’t mind me, I’m just floating in the river

What the. Is this guy floating on a river in the Mayan Jungle…..with a GRAND PIANO ON A RAFT?? And this guy here is perched on the river banks, oh so casually with his cello! (Followed by a cameo from an Iguana…yes, really.)

Now THIS is the perfect cello playing spot...finally!

Now THIS is the perfect cello playing spot…finally!

I’m going to try this on my next vacation, casually show up with a Grand Piano & Cello in the middle of an island.

Right after, the song jumps into an upbeat version of “Bare Necessities”, but hold on….IS THAT A SNAKE on your grand piano, bud? Umm. I might reconsider interning for this.

Snakes on a Piano!

Snakes on a Piano!

They even got a shot of me without makeup.

Tell me I'm beautiful

Tell me I’m beautiful

And then this shot…WOW

Hello from the other side

Hello from the other side

And these are just a few visual salient points, what’s outstanding in it’s own right, is the music composition….although I’m not sure how I feel about the constantly smiling, therefore slightly creepy Cello dude. But you know what, if I’m gonna be perched on a river bank with a Cello or standing atop one of the 7 wonders of the world, belting it out on my Cello; or if I happen to be partying it up with parrots and all kinds of wild animals on my buddy’s grand piano….well, maybe I might smile creepily too and wonder what I just drank.

Kudos to these guys on an incredible performance. And yes, safe to say, The Piano Guys got Mojo!


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