Sheeran’ It Up On Throwback Thursday

There sure are a lot of catchy tunes today.


Sometimes though, you just need to kick it old school, and pay homage to Throwback Thursday. Since anything over 2 months is old in the Internet world, here’s a little known “old school” jam from 2013. A classic from Ed Sheeran…can I say I see fire??

If it’s Ed Sheeran, you already know it’s going to be soulful and amazing. The video is pretty cool too, you get to hear Ed go through his process while making the video. Can I get a hallelujah for that Mojo-riffic British accent? And just in general, for the Ed-Sheeran-adorableness. The chap is insanely talented and so down to earth, and seems like such a sweetheart. I have the urge to high-five him on doing the being-an-awesome-human-being thing. I guess I’m feeling the love!

“I See Fire” is the perfect song to unwind to, at the end of a long day. It starts out quiet and unassuming, much like a meandering stream. Then makes its way to a rising crescendo, much like a waterfall of whoa-what-is-that-I-just-felt. It’s calming yet demands attention and starts out mellow, but ends up stirring you. It’s a beautiful melody, performed brilliantly by Ed Sheeran.

My Thursday just got a lot brighter….’cuz ‘I See Fire’. (yes, I’m feeling very proud of this pun..hehe)

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